From the Factory Scheduled Maintenance when your car is brand new, to the repairs that come up and the preventative maintenance we perform to prevent them, we’ll help with everything your car will ever need and make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Services include:

Preventative Maintenance

You shouldn’t be surprised when you have to spend money on your vehicle! Let us help you plan for these expenses and prevent as many of them as possible with preventative maintenance. Keep your Toyota or Honda running smoothly with our preventative maintenance service. As a leading mechanic in Las Vegas, we specialize in maintaining and repairing Toyota and Honda vehicles to ensure they perform at their best. Our preventative maintenance service is designed to identify potential problems before they become costly repairs, saving you time and money in the long run. Don’t wait for a breakdown; choose preventative maintenance to keep your car in peak condition. 

Brakes, Belts, Hoses, etc.

Stop! (Get it? lol) 

Keep your car’s stopping power at its best with our brake inspections, brake pad replacement, and comprehensive brake repair to ensure your safety on our Las Vegas roads. Our belt services include serpentine belt, timing belt, and drive belt inspections and replacements to prevent engine overheating and power loss. Also, our mechanics check & replace coolant hoses, fuel hoses, and power steering hoses to prevent costly damage to every system in your Toyota or Honda.

Hybrid Powertrain

Keep your Toyota or Honda hybrid running at peak performance with our specialized hybrid powertrain service. The hybrid powertrain system combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor to deliver optimal fuel efficiency. Our services include inspecting and repairing electric motors, batteries, inverters, and other crucial components. We also handle software updates and system diagnostics to ensure your hybrid system is functioning properly. Our technicians are highly trained and have more experience with hybrid vehicles like yours than anyone else!

Electrical Systems

Your vehicle’s electrical system powers essential features ranging from power windows to advanced driving systems. Our services cover battery checks and replacements, alternator repairs, starter motor repairs, wiring issues, and fuse replacements. We also handle diagnostics and testing procedures for check engine lights and other system warning indicators. Whether you’re facing difficulties with starting your car or experiencing dimming lights our expert mechanics in Las Vegas are ready to help. Trust us for all your Toyota or Honda’s electrical system maintenance and repair needs.

Heating & AC

Did you know it gets hot in Las Vegas?

Ensure your comfort on the road with our specialized heating and A/C services for your Toyota or Honda. Our heating system services include everything from heater core repairs to thermostat replacements and coolant flushes. Keep cool in the Las Vegas heat with our A/C services like refrigerant recharges, compressor repairs, & condenser checks. Whether you’re dealing with too hot, too cold, or unusual noises from your A/C or heating systems, our expert mechanics are ready to help. 

Power Steering

The direction you’re heading matters! Maintain control on the road with our specialized power steering services for your Toyota or Honda. Our services include fluid checks and replacements, pump repairs, and belt replacements. We also handle diagnostics for common issues like steering stiffness, unusual noises, or leaks in the system. Our expert mechanics are ready to assist with all your power steering needs in Las Vegas.


Keep your Toyota or Honda energized with our comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for battery systems. Our services include battery checks, cleanings, replacements, and recycling of old batteries. We also handle diagnostics for common issues like slow engine crank, low battery fluid, or the check engine light coming on. You can rest easy and trust that our experienced mechanics will take care of your car battery with confidence.


This crucial system, which includes the transmission, driveshaft, and differentials, transfers power from your engine to the wheels. Our services include transmission checks and repairs, driveshaft replacements, and differential fluid changes. Our expert mechanics troubleshoot common issues like unusual noises, vibrations, or difficulty shifting gears. Trust us for all your Toyota or Honda’s drivetrain maintenance and repair needs in Las Vegas.


Keep your Toyota or Honda riding comfortably with our specialized suspension services. This vital system, which includes the springs, shock absorbers, and linkages, ensures a smooth ride and optimal handling. Our services include strut and shock replacement, suspension bushing replacement, and wheel alignment. We also handle diagnostics for common issues like uneven tire wear, excessive bouncing, or steering difficulties. You can trust our expert Las Vegas mechanics to identify and address any suspension issues you may have.

Tune Ups

Help your Toyota or Honda perform at its best with our specialized tune-up services. Regular tune-ups are essential for ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Our services include spark plug replacement, fuel injector cleaning, air filter replacement, and oil changes. We also handle diagnostics for common issues like decreased fuel efficiency, engine misfires, or difficulty starting the car. Trust our expert mechanics for all your tune-up maintenance and repair needs in Las Vegas.

Cooling System Diagnostics

Again, we have to ask, did you know it gets hot here in Las Vegas?

Ensure your Toyota or Honda stays cool under pressure with our specialized cooling system diagnostics. A well-functioning cooling system is crucial to prevent overheating and maintain optimal engine performance. Our services include coolant flushes, radiator repair and replacement, thermostat checks, and water pump replacements. Whether you’re noticing a spike in engine temperature, seeing coolant puddles under your car, or simply not getting enough heat during those cold winter days in Las Vegas, our expert mechanics are ready to help.

Headlight Restoration

Make your car look new again! Over time, visibility and safety are threatened when headlights become foggy or yellowed due to oxidation and exposure to the elements. We can restore your vehicle’s headlights to their original clarity with thorough cleaning, polishing, and sealing. Whether you’re struggling with poor night-time visibility or simply aiming to enhance your car’s appearance, our expert mechanics are ready to assist. Trust us for all your Toyota or Honda’s headlight restoration needs in Las Vegas.

Full Vehicle Inspections (with DVI)

Ensure your Toyota or Honda is in top-notch condition with our comprehensive vehicle inspections, including Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) complete with photos, videos, and detailed notes from our technician of your vehicle, all sent to you digitally for your ease and convenience. Our experienced mechanics check every inch of your car, from the engine to the exhaust system. This thorough inspection can identify potential issues before they turn into costly repairs whether you’re preparing for a long road trip, considering a used car purchase, or simply committed to maintaining your vehicle’s health. Trust us for all your automotive needs in Las Vegas.

Pre Purchase Inspections (with DVI)

One of the most difficult conversations we’re ever forced to have with people we get to take care of starts like this: “Hey, we’ve checked this vehicle you just paid thousands of dollars for, and unfortunately it needs thousands of dollars worth of work.” 

PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! If you’re considering buying a pre-owned vehicle, we want to check it out before you buy it! We want to help you make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Whether you’re looking at a used Honda or a pre-owned Toyota, our expert mechanics are ready to ensure your next vehicle is safe, reliable, and a sound investment. Make a confident choice with our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections. As a reputable mechanic service in Las Vegas, we offer meticulous maintenance and repair evaluations to help you make an informed purchase decision. This detailed check helps identify any potential issues or necessary repairs, saving you from unexpected expenses down the line. 


As a leading mechanic service in Las Vegas, we provide detailed maintenance and repair solutions for Honda & Toyota exhaust systems. The exhaust system expels harmful gasses from the engine, reduces noise, and helps improve fuel efficiency. Common issues include rusted or broken mufflers, damaged oxygen sensors, and clogged catalytic converters. Our expert mechanics are proficient in identifying and repairing these problems, ensuring your vehicle’s exhaust system functions optimally.

Tire Rotation & Replacement

As a premier mechanic service in Las Vegas, we’re here to keep your vehicle’s tires in peak condition for longer. Regular tire rotations are crucial to ensure even wear across all four tires and we include a tire rotation with each one of our Oil Services. If irregular wear patterns are detected during the rotation process, it may indicate other issues such as improper wheel alignment, unbalanced tires, or suspension problems. Our skilled team is prepared to diagnose and repair these issues efficiently for all Toyota and Honda models.

Smog Repair

STOP: Is your Check Engine Light on? If it is, your vehicle will FAIL the emissions test. Guaranteed.

That warning light guarantees an automatic failure. If it’s on, do NOT pay for the test before having it professionally inspected. Ensure your Toyota or Honda meets emission standards with our professional smog repair services to help your vehicle pass smog tests. A failing smog test can indicate numerous issues within your vehicle’s exhaust system that can lead to excessive harmful emissions and poor fuel efficiency. Our expert mechanics are trained to diagnose and repair these problems, helping your vehicle meet the necessary emission standards for Las Vegas. We’re committed to ensuring your vehicle is environmentally friendly and road-ready.

Engine & Transmission Testing & Diagnostics

The engine and transmission are the heart and brain of your vehicle. Problems like misfires, poor fuel economy, slipping gears, or difficulty shifting can indicate issues within these systems. Our expert mechanics use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify these problems and provide effective repair solutions. We’re committed to ensuring your Toyota or Honda operates smoothly and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind on those Las Vegas roads.

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