The time has come. Many parents have waited for this moment all summer long:
BUT… with the return of school comes the return of one of the worst foes of the modern parent:
School is back!
Hopefully there will be no more, “I’m bored.” Hopefully parents can get a short break from the constant entertaining that comes with summer. Now everyone is on a schedule. Life is good!
The Car Line ??

Back to school and back to the line that has a way of turning civil people into crazy ones. Well, we’re here to help. There will be a line. It will be long. It will be frustrating. And there will be crazy people. But the good news: We’ve got some tips to ensure you’re not one of those crazies!

This Happy Mom is a blog by Susan Baker. Susan wisely shared insight that trancends time in a post titled Here are “The Ten Commandments of Car Line” that everyone should obey. We’ve paraphrased them below and think everyone would be wise to consider these at the adventure begins again.

Here they are:

1. Thou shalt not honk.

2. Thou shalt use thy smartphone responsibly (only when your car is in neutral or

3. Honor thy school rules. Thy principal and his secretary know best.

4. Thou shalt wait until thy car pulleth away from the curb to ask how thy
offspring’s day went.

5. Thy children shalt know the word “hurry” and move accordingly.

6. Thou art not special.

7. Thou shalt place thy claim ticket in thy window.

8. Thou shalt not allow thy car to run out of gas idling in line.
*At first you may think this one sounds ridiculous…. but think about it. You’ve probably been close.

9. Thou shalt plan ahead.

10.Thou shalt stay in thy vehicle.

So remember, next time the car line at school makes you want to scream, repeat these commandments to yourself and maintain your sanity.

Good luck, brave parents! We’re rooting for you!

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