Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching. Is your car ready for the heat?

As temperatures rise, here are the three most important questions you should be asking yourself to make sure your car doesn’t suffer a heat-related breakdown:

Is my car’s battery strong? 

Heat—even more than winter’s cold—reduces the life of your car’s battery. This is because high temps cause the battery’s internal fluids to evaporate, leaving it susceptible to damage and failure. Make sure your battery is clean and, if it can be topped off, that you add distilled water as needed.

Are my car’s oil and other fluid levels clean and at the correct level? 

Increased temperatures can burn off oil and fluids in your car’s engine more quickly. Make sure to keep them filled to the correct level to provide lubrication and protect your engine from unnecessary wear and tear. Pay special attention to the fluid in your radiator! Our extreme climate can wreak havoc on an engine’s cooling system if it isn’t properly monitored.

Are my car’s tires properly inflated? 

As air heats up, it expands. This can cause tire pressure to fluctuate. Make it a habit to check your tire pressure regularly, and adjust inflation as necessary.

Living where we live, we all know A/C is also a pretty big asset for most of us. Add that to the list too! Your A/C not cooling probably won’t break you down on the side of the road, but it sure could make driving around pretty unbearable!

To make sure your car is summer-ready, and for help checking your car’s battery, fluid levels, and tire inflation, or anything else you may have questions about, contact us for a courtesy inspection anytime!

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